On 5 October 2016, Olli answered some questions on Snapchat, earlier posed to him by fans on Twitter via @penguins #SnapOlli.

  1. In response to Taylor @Taylor_Ray922 , who asked Olli about the hockey player he looked up to as a child, and to whom he was closest to on the team, he revealed that he is close/closest to “Schultzy” (Justin Schultz) on the team because they are neighbors and that he looked up to (an European hockey player) while growing up.

  2. In answer to either Alyssa @Alyssadelphia11 or Pens Army ‏@PensArmy_ , Olli said that he was happy to share his Cup Day with his family (Alyssa asked "@penguins What was your favorite part of your time with the Cup? #SnapOlli" while Pens Army ‏tweeted "@penguins What was your favorite moment with the cup in Finland this summer? #SnapOlli").

Below are some screenshots of the #SnapOlli Snap Story via Taylor @Taylor_Ray922







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