On 18 Oct 2016, reddit user Flintor submitted a thread noting that when Pickard forgot his water bottle during the 17 Oct 2016 Penguins vs Avalanche OT switch, Flower sent it down the ice "curling style" .

In the same thread, in reply to user DRW1421 who commented that "it's impossible to hate Flower", user MedicinalHammer added that they used to be an EMT and once, when covering a Ducks game, "saw Flower blasting Katy Perry's 'California Girls' while riding a stationary bike and lifting little pink 5 pound weights above his head, alternating left and right on beat. It was amazing and perfect." 

Reportedly, Flower was also singing along and "the rest of the team was sorta dancing and singing along (with much less enthusiasm than Flower but still)". MedicinalHammer also suggested that Geno might have been one of those singing along. 

Apparently Flower's usual attire of knee-high hockey socks, gym shorts, long sleeve underarmor, and backwards hat bore a resemblance to Katy Perry's outfit in the video and MedicinalHammer couldn't help but "laugh (their) ass off". MedicinalHammer added that Flower "seemed very pleased with himself". 

This thread was brought to hockey tumblr's attention by savedbyfleury

MedicinalHammer comments on Pickard f - https r hockey co

Flower - California Gurls

MedicinalHammer comments on Pickard f - https r hockey co pt2

Flower - California Gurls Pt 2

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