How It Works

Anyone can contribute by adding new articles to the wiki! You do not need to have a wikia account to create content, but will need one if you want to edit an article that is protected. If you are worried about your content being incorrectly edited or added to, you can protect your entry by restricting the editing feature to registered users or just the admin (hazel3017) and content moderators. All edits are reversible, and Wikia has a feature that allows users to compare and check edits.

If you stumble over an article you want to add to or edit with restricted access, you can contact hazel3017 on this message wall or on Tumblr for further inquiry.

Content Creation

You are free to create any content you'd like as it pertains to the Pittsburgh Penguins or Penguins players. That includes histories and relationships with players from other teams. For example, if you wanted to create/edit an article on Alex Ovechkin, you'd find this under Pittsburgh Penguins >Players>Other Players. Former Penguins players, like Beau Bennett, would fall under the subheading Former Players in the All Penguins Players category.

If you have a question about content creation contact hazel3017 for further inquiry.

Sourcing Content

If possible, please remember to source the information in your articles for reference, and credit images/art when necessary. If you want to write a post that can't be sourced, such as fan stories and unconfirmed reports, you can do so by writing it as a blog post and categories it as Fan Content, Fan Article, and Fan Stories & Unconfirmed.

Editing Content

If you are editing a pre-existing article, be sure to write down a brief summary of your edits when you click save page. This makes it easier to keep track of edits when two or more people are contributing to the same post. For example, if you discover a mistake in the Timeline and you correct a specific date, your edit summary might be something like:

Changed x to y.

Safety Policy

There is zero tolerance for trolling and abuse. Anyone engaging in such activities will be blocked.

Guidelines and Style Sheet

When contributing to the project, remember to source your information and to credit/link any images or videos you are using.


  • When adding to the timelines, please adhere to the following style:

Weekday, Day, month, year.

For example:

Wed 12 October 2016.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.