2016-2017 Season Edit

Regular Season Edit

Playoffs Edit

  • Ian Cole, who never missed a playoff game, suffered a broken hand against the Washington Capitals in the early goings of round 2. He also had a fractured rib.
  • Justin Shultz had a fractured rib(s) and had difficulties breathing.
  • Nick Bonino played through two periods in a game against Nashville in the SCF on a fractured fibia. He could no longer play when his foot became to swollen to lace his skates.
  • Patric Hornqvist played through a broken finger that was so bad it had to be taped to another finger, and was so painful he had difficulties opening doorknobs or turning on or off a faucet.
  • Brian Dumoulin played through a hand injury .
  • Carl Hagelin sustained a broken fibia in a game in Winnipeg during the season. It still wasn't healed properly when Hagelin played in the playoffs.
  • Matt Murray had a torn hamstring that kept him out for two rounds of the playoffs.

Notable Injuries/Medical Issues Edit

Kris Letang herniated disc (2017)

Pascal Dupuis blood clot (2015).

Kris Letang stroke (2014).

Sidney Crosby concussion (2011).

Olli Maatta cancer (2014).

Phil Kessel cancer (2006).

Evgeni Malkin MCL/ACL tear (2011).

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