2018-2019 Season Edit

October Edit

4 Oct vs Capitals

  • 01:49/1st: Jamie Oleksiak goal. A blast from the point, and the Pens first goal of the season.
  • 07:27/1st: Jake Guentzel power-play goal. A beautiful Penguins tic-tac play.
  • 00:30/2nd: Kris Letang goal, only 30 secs into the second period.
  • 15:09/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, a redirect.
  • 16:58/2nd: Derick Brassard goal.
  • 02:45/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, scored from one knee.
  • 01:20/OT: Kris Letang power-play overtime, game-winning goal.

6 Oct vs Canadiens

  • 02:50/2nd: Riley Sheahan goal, scored while falling down. Kris Letang assist to become highest scoring D-man in franchise history

11 Oct vs Golden Knights

  • 11:57/1st: Phil Kessel wrister right off the faceoff
  • 09:37/2nd: Phil Kessel on a breakaway
  • 15:43/2nd: Phil Kessel on another breakaway, completing a natural hat trick- 6th hat trick of his career & his 1st since 2014
  • 16:40/2nd: Jake Guentzel rocket off a beautiful pass from Sidney Crosby

13 Oct @ Canadiens

  • 03:13/1st: Dominik Simon backhanded goal
  • 15:26/1st: Kris Letang one-timer to become 10th on franchise all-time point list with 443 points
  • 11:14/2nd: Phil Kessel powerplay goal, a quick release wrist shot

16 Oct vs Canucks

18 Oct /2 Maple Leafs

  • 11:42/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, an impossible angle from behind the goal line
  • 17:58/3rd: Evgeni Malkin-credited empty-net goal.The goal was actually shot in accidentally by Nazim Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but Geno was last Penguin to touch the puck
  • 18:52/3rd: Kris Letang empty-net goal, his 100th career goal

23 Oct @ Oilers

  • 11:58/1st: Sidney Crosby powerplay goal- passes Darryl Sittler to become 60th in NHL all-time point total with 1122 points
  • 7:16/2nd:  Jamie Oleksiak goal
  • 10:24/2nd:  Patric Hornqvist goal
  • 19:06/2nd: Patric Hornqvist deflection goal- originally shot by Matt Cullen & blocked by the opposing goalie, the puck bounced off Hornqvist's skate to go in
  • 6:51/3rd:  Jamie Oleksiak one-timer to tie the game
  • 2:12/OT:  Sidney Crosby game-winning goal- a truly SPECTACULAR show of his signature backhand & stickhandling skills

25 Oct @ Flames

27 Oct @ Canucks

  • 5:50/2nd:  Phil Kessel goal
  • 16:34/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal
  • 14:15/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, scored while on one knee
  • 15:14/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal
  • 17:43/3rd: Sidney Crosby one-timer- finishes off a brilliant tic-tac-toe play started by Dominik Simon scraping the puck out of the corner, passing it to Jake Guentzel, who then passes to Jamie Oleksiak, who sends it on to Sid

30 Oct vs Islanders

November Edit

01 Nov @ Islanders

05 Nov vs Devils

07 Nov @ Capitals

10 Nov vs Coyotes

13 Nov @ Devils

15 Nov vs Lightning

  • 10:33/1st: Patric Hornqvist tip-in power-play goal
  • 13:49/1st: Phil Kessel wrister goal, on a 4-on 3 power-play
  • 4:29/2nd: Patric Hornqvist backhand goal

17 Nov @ Senators

  • 11:59/1st: Kris Letang power-play goal
  • 2:20/3rd: Zach Aston-Reese wrister, an unassisted goal
  • 5:34/3rd: Matt Cullen rebound goal on a shot from teammate Bryan Rust
  • 16:56/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal

19 Nov vs Sabres

  • 8:46/1st: Derick Brassard goal
  • 16:15/1st: Phil Kessel goal off a great pass from Tanner Pearson
  • 1:24/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal
  • 5:00/2nd: Tanner Pearson rebound goal, his first as a Penguin

21 Nov vs Stars

  • 3:58/1st: Jake Guantzel goal off an amazing no-look backhand pass from Sidney Crosby
  • 6:06/1st: Evgeni Malkin wrister power-play goal
  • 10:04/1st: Sidney Crosby wrister- an amazing individual effort wherein he kicks his own rebound back onto his stick to score
  • 3:20/2nd: Patric Hornqvist scores off a rebound from Olli Maatta
  • 8:52/2nd: Tanner Pearson with a heavy slap-shot goal

23 Nov @ Bruins

  • 6:09/2nd: Evgeni Malkin impressive one-timer power-play goal

24 Nov vs Blue Jackets

  • 5:59/1st: Tanner Pearson rebound goal only a couple of seconds after a Pens face-off win
  • 7:27/1st: Jake Guentzel goal from behind the slot, after a behind-the-back pass from Sidney Crosby
  • 16:31/1st: Jake Guentzel goal
  • 15:54/2nd: Jake Guentzel crashes the net to complete his first regular-season hat trick (does not include previous hat-tricks scored in the playoffs)

27 Nov @ Jets

28 Nov @ Avalanche

  • 19:08/2nd: Sidney Crosby breakaway goal, scored off his own rebound
  • 19:50/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, just 4 seconds into the powerplay from a very sharp angle
  • 4:43/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, completing a natural hat trick

December Edit

01 Dec vs Flyers

  • 0:39/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, off an odd-man rush & a pass from Jake Guentzel
  • 5:49/2nd: Riley Sheahan goal, a wicked snipe that goes top-shelf

04 Dec vs Avalanche

  • 2:46/1st: Jake Guentzel goal, the puck goes in off Guentzel's skate off a beautiful pass from Kris Letang
  • 6:52/1st: Evgeni Malkin goal from in front of the net
  • 7:27/1st: Derick Brassard goal, a deflection off a pass from Olli Maata
  • 6:11/3rd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal
  • 7:32:3rd: Patric Hornqvist slap shot goal
  • 8:58/3rd: Patric Hornqvist unassisted goal to complete a natural hat trick

06 Dec vs Islanders

  • 8:34/1st: Kris Letang goal
  • 19:31/1st: Kris Letang slap-shot goal
  • 7:21/2nd: Riley Sheahan goal, a rebound that he bats out of the air & into the goal
  • 12:09/2nd: Phil Kessel power-play goal
  • 17:37/2nd: Phil Kessel goal after a quick play & pass from Sidney Crosby
  • 13:00/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, a stunning shot from a sharp angle

08 Dec @ Senators

  • 3:27/2nd: Jean-Sebastien Dea goal, a quick wrist shot from the circle

10 Dec @ Islanders

  • 2:13/3rd: Derick Brassard goal
  • SO: Jake Guentzel shootout goal

12 Dec @ Blackhawks

14 Dec vs Bruins

15 Dec vs Kings

  • 6:58/1st: Matt Cullen short-handed goal, a quick wrister
  • 13:04/1st: Bryan Rust wrister
  • 8:29/2nd: Tanner Pearson breakaway goal from a sharp angle
  • 3:59/OT: Phil Kessel power-play, game-winning goal

17 Dec vs Ducks

19 Dec @ Capitals

  • 9:15/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, deflected in off an Evgeni Malkin one-timer
  • 18:58/2nd: Bryan Rust goal

20 Dec vs Wild

22 Dec @ Hurricanes

27 Dec vs Red Wings

29 Dec @ Blues

  • 0:48/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, scored in the opening minute of the game
  • 5:13/2nd: Juuso Riikola first career goal, a one-timer on the power-play
  • 7:17/2nd: Zach Aston-Reese tip-in goal
  • 9:25/2nd: Patric Hornqvist deflection power-play goal
  • 3:05/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal, a redirection on Brian Dumoulin's shot
  • 3:38/3rd: Evgeni Malkin one-timer power-play goal

31 Dec @ Wild

  • 15:43/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal in his 900th career game
  • 19:39/1st: Phil Kessel goal from a sharp angle- the puck bounces off an opposing player's skate & into the net
  • 10:19/2nd: Riley Sheahan one-timer goal from the faceoff circle

January Edit

2 Jan @ Rangers

4 Jan vs Jets

  • 14:19/1st: Olli Maata one-timer power-play goal
  • 14:52/1st: Matt Cullen goal- an unconventional goal, shot fired by Zach Aston-Reese that bounced off Cullen's shoulder into the net
  • 14:39/2nd: Dominik Simon backhand goal
  • 16:38/3rd: Kris Letang empty-net goal

6 Jan vs Blackhawks

8 Jan vs Panthers

  • 1:29/1st: Tanner Pearson goal
  • 3:03/1st: Bryan Rust slick backhand goal
  • 3:04/2nd: Bryan Rust shorthanded goal, totaling his 100th career point
  • 8:56/2nd: Riley Sheahan shorthanded, wrist shot goal
  • 13:41/3rd: Sidney Crosby redirect goal, his 20th of the season. With this, he now ties Mario Lemieux for the most 20-goal seasons in Penguins history

11 Jan @ Ducks

  • 0:59/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal
  • 4:54/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal
  • 11:24/2nd: Jake Guentzel rebound, power-play goal
  • 9:33/3rd: Tanner Pearson one-timer from right in front of the goal
  • 10:21/3rd: Phil Kessel goal, an amazing individual play- he takes away the puck, drives to the net and puts away his own rebound
  • 16:35/3rd: Tanner Pearson rebound goal
  • 19:02/3rd: Jake Guentzel empty-net goal, flung from across the ice, completing a hat trick

12 Jan @ Kings

15 Jan @ Sharks

18 Jan @ Coyotes

  • 4:58/2nd: Juuse Riikola power-play goal
  • 5:38/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, scored off his own backhand
  • 4:10/OT: Phil Kessel tip-in power-play goal for the OT winner

19 Jan @ Golden Knights

2017-2018 Season Edit

2018 Playoffs Edit

Round 1 Edit

11 April vs Flyers

  • 02:38/1st: Bryan Rust game-winning goal.
  • 10:07/1st: Carl Hagelin goal.
  • 14:09/1st: Evgeni Malkin goal, an amazing individual effort after coming out of the penalty box where he blew by everyone from his own zone into the Flyers'.
  • 07:50/2nd: Jake Guentzel power-play goal.
  • 09:01/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, a ridiculous goal that was tipped in when he batted the puck into the net on a backhand.
  • 07:41/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal.
  • 10:42/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, another incredible deflection to finish off his natural hat trick.

13 April vs Flyers

15 April @ Flyers

  • 10:25/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, a wraparound goal.
  • 02:48/2nd: Derick brassard power-play game-winning goal.
  • 06:48/2nd: Evgeni Malkin 4-on-3 power-play goal.
  • 06:53/2nd: Brian Dumoulin 4-on-4 goal, 5 secs after the Malkin power-play.
  • 07:08/3rd: Justin Shultz power-play goal.

18 April @ Flyers

  • 04:33/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play game-winning goal.
  • 14:37/1st: Phil Kessel goal, a 2-on-1 with E. Malkin after the Flyers had hemmed in the Pens in their own zone for more than 2 consecutive minutes.
  • 08:04/2nd: Kris Letang goal.
  • 10:56/2nd: Sidney Crosby wraparound goal.
  • 15:46/3rd: Riley Sheahan goal.

20 April vs Flyers

22 April @ Flyers

Round 2 Edit

26 April @ Capitals - Game 1

29 April @ Capitals - Game 2

1 May vs Capitals - Game 3

3 May vs Capitals - Game 4

5 May @ Capitals - Game 5

7 May vs Capitals - Game 6

Regular Season Edit

October Edit

4 Oct vs Blues

5 Oct @ Blackhawks

7 Oct vs Predators

  • 01:06/1st: Evgeni Malkin game-winning goal, a bomb of a shot.
  • 10:57/1st: Jake Guentzel goal.
  • 12:52/2nd: Ryan Reaves goal, his first with the Penguins.
  • 00:33/3rd: Olli Maatta goal, off an incredible assist by Sidney Crosby.

11 Oct @ Capitals

  • 05:22/1st: Kris Letang power-play goal. His first point since returning from the neck injury that kept him out since February of the previous season.
  • 08:20/2nd: Patric Hornqvist scored a power-play goal in his first game of the season.
  • 00:38/3rd: Conor Sheary power-play, game-winning goal, assisted by Shultz and Maatta.

12 Oct @ Lightning

  • 13:46/1st: Jake Guentzel goal, an incredible deflection.
  • 08:58/2nd: Conor Sheary goal, a beautiful breakaway goal.
  • 14:24/2nd: Bryan Rust power-play goal.
  • 10:01/3rd: Matt Hunwick goal, his first goal with the Penguins.

14 Oct vs Panthers

  • 06:46/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, a fast-paced redirected tip-in.
  • 06:40/2nd: Greg McKegg short-handed goal. His first goal with the Penguins.
  • 13:36/2nd: Patric Hornqvist goal.
  • 01:59/3rd: Sidney Crosby game-winning goal, a deflection goal that was batted into the net from the red line.

17 Oct @ Rangers

  • 00:43/1st: Phil Kessel goal, a wicked wrister.
  • 13:30/1st: Carl Hagelin goal, his first in 23 games dating back to 20 Jan 2017.
  • 18:01/2nd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 19:04/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, a truly outrageous no-look, backhand goal scored from below the red line.
  • 00:58/OT: Evgeni Malkin game-winning goal.

20 Oct @ Panthers

21 Oct @ Lightning

24 Oct vs Oilers

26 Oct vs Jets

  • 01:25/1st: Conor Sheary goal.
  • 01:07/OT: Phil Kessel game-winning goal. It was his 300th career goal.

28 Oct @ Wild

  • 11:52/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, a flukey shot that found its way into the net.

29 Oct @ Jets

November Edit

1 Nov @ Oilers

2 Nov @ Flames

4 Nov @ Canucks

  • 02:53/1st: Jake Guentzel power-play goal, with a sick backhand assist by Sidney Crosby.
  • 04:49/3rd: Greg McKegg goal.

7 Nov vs Coyotes

  • 00:59/1st: Justin Shultz goal.
  • 03:07/1st: Evgeni Malkin game-winning goal, an incredible display of hand eye coordination as he batted the puck into the net with the shaft of his stick.
  • 06:06/3rd: Phil Kessel power-play goal.

10 Nov @ Capitals

11 Nov @ Predators

14 Nov vs Sabres

16 Nov @ Senators

18 Nov vs Blackhawks

22 Nov vs Canucks

24 Nov @ Bruins

25 Nov vs Lightning

27 Nov vs Flyers

December Edit

1 Dec @ Sabres

  • 03:23/1st: Tom Kuhnhackl game-winning goal, a beautiful goal on a penalty shot.
  • 06:38/1st: Sidney Crosby goal.
  • 18:05/1st: Jake Guentzel goal, a beautiful wraparound goal.
  • 19:20/2nd: Patric Hornqvist goal.

2 Dec vs Sabres

5 Dec vs Rangers

7 Dec vs Islanders

9 Dec vs Maple Leafs

11 Dec vs Avalanche

14 Dec @ Golden Knights

  • 12:04/1st: Ian Cole goal, the first ever active Penguin player to score a goal against Marc-André Fleury.

16 Dec @ Coyotes

  • 14:38/2nd: Carter Rowney shorthanded goal, his second goal of the year.
  • 18:58/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal.
  • 19:45/3rd: Olli Maatta game-winning goal, scored with 15 secs left on the clock.
  • 19:54/3rd: Sidney Crosby empty-net goal.

18 Dec @ Avalanche

21 Dec vs Blue Jackets

  • 02:25/3rd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 15:03/3rd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, batting the puck in out of the air off a Crosby rebound on a 4on3 power play.
  • SO: Kris Letang shootout, game-winning goal.

23 Dec vs Ducks

  • Shutout

27 Dec vs Blue Jackets

  • 05:27/2nd: Conor Sheary goal.
  • 03:34/3rd: Phil Kessel power-play goal.
  • 14:24/3rd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal.
  • 18:20/3rd: Jake Guentzel game-tying goal.
  • SO: Evgeni Malkin shootout goal.
  • SO: Sidney Crosby shootout, game-winning goal.

29 Dec @ Hurricanes

31 Dec @ Red Wings

  • 08:04/2nd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, a shot that forced the glove of the goalie to cross the redline.

January Edit

2 Jan @ Flyers

4 Jan vs Hurricanes

  • Shutout.

5 Jan @ Islanders

  • 00:41/2nd: Daniel Sprong game-winning goal, his first of the season.
  • 03:30/2nd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal.
  • 15:50/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, a bank shot from below the redline that hit the goalie's back and in.
  • 13:28/3rd: Daniel Sprong goal, a beauty of a goal.

7 Jan vs Bruins

  • 03:53/1st: Jamie Oleksiak goal.
  • 11:04/1st: Phil Kessel power-play goal.
  • 13:27/1st: Kris Letang goal, off a Sidney Crosby faceoff win.
  • 19:56/2nd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, off an incredible no-look, backhand Crosby pass.
  • 02:54/3rd: Riley Sheahan game-tying goal.
  • 02:51/OT: Evgeni Malkin game-winning goal.

13 Jan vs Red Wings

  • 03:01/1st: Evgeni Malkin goal, scored from one knee.
  • 16:35/1st: Phil Kessel power-play, game-winning goal, off a crisp Sidney Crosby assist.
  • 02:08/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal.
  • 03:31/3rd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, an incredible goal where he lifted the stick of a defender and scored the goal all in one motion.

14 Jan vs Rangers

  • 03:14/1st: Patric Hornqvist goal, assisted by Carl Hagelin who got his 200th point with the assist.
  • 13:15/2nd: Dominik Simon, his first NHL goal.
  • 14:30/2nd: Phil Kessel game-winning goal.
  • 12:33/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal.
  • 18:01/3rd: Carl Hagelin empty-net goal.

17 Jan @ Ducks

18 Jan @ Kings

20 Jan @ Sharks

23 Jan vs Hurricanes

  • 08:03/2nd: Dominik Simon goal.
  • 09:19/2nd: Jean-Sebastien Dea game-winning goal, his first ever NHL goal.
  • 11:02/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal, off a filthy Phil Kessel assist.

25 Jan vs Wild

30 Jan vs Sharks

  • 11:09/1st: Bryan Rust goal.
  • 19:55/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal.
  • 06:01/3rd: Evgeni Malkin game-winning goal.
  • 13:58/3rd: Bryan Rust goal, assisted by a slick, filthy no-look behind the legs Tom Kuhnhackl pass.
  • 18:47/3rd: Evgeni Malkin empty-net goal, his third of the night, completing his 12th career hat trick.

February Edit

2 Feb vs Capitals

3 Feb @ Devils

6 Feb vs Golden Knights

9 Feb @ Dallas

11 Feb @ Blues

13 Feb vs Senators

15 Feb vs Kings

17 Feb vs Maple Leafs

18 Feb @ Blue Jackets

23 Feb @ Hurricanes

24 Feb @ Panthers

27 Feb vs Devils

March Edit

1 March @ Bruins

3 March vs Islanders

  • 18:04/2nd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 11:29/3rd: Derick Brassard goal, his first with Penguins. It was a beautiful backhand shot, and assisted by Phil Kessel, who recorded his 400th assist.
  • 03:48/OT: Sidney Crosby game-winning goal.

5 March vs Flames

7 March @ Flyers

  • 18:35/1st: Phil Kessel power-play goal, assisted by two very nice passes from Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby.
  • 09:24/2nd: Jamie Oleksiak goal.
  • 14:25/2nd: Conor Sheary game-winning goal.
  • 19:20/2nd: Conor Shear goal.
  • 18:19/3rd: Evgeni Malkin empty-net goal.

10 March @ Maple Leafs

11 March vs Stars

14 March @ Rangers

15 March @ Canadiens

20 March @ Islanders

21 March vs Canadiens

  • 09:53/1st: Evgeni Malkin goal. It went off his skate after crashing the net.
  • 17:31/1st: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 15:02/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, an amazing effort where he batted the puck to himself before batting it into the net while the puck was still in the air.
  • 02:38/2rd: Derick Brassard game-winning goal.
  • 18:27/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal.

23 March vs Devils

25 March vs Flyers

  • 09:38/1st: Derick Brassard goal.
  • 00:37/2nd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 02:37/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, scored on a delayed penalty.
  • 00:17/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, another incredible solo effort.
  • 02:25/OT: Bryan Rust game-winning overtime goal, a beautiful tip-in off a Sidney Crosby shot.

27 March @ Red Wings

29 March @ Devils

  • 12:44/1st: Conor Sheary goal.
  • 06:59/2nd: Krist Letang goal.
  • 11:26/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal.
  • 00:19/OT: Sidney Crosby game-winning overtime goal, a ridiculous goal in which he first hit the post and then batted his own airborne rebound into the net.

31 March vs Canadiens

April Edit

1 April vs Capitals

5 April @ Blue Jackets

6 April vs Senators

  • 01:25/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play game-winning goal, another incredible bank shot from below the red line.
  • 07:31/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, in the style of Crosby, banked the puck into the net off the goalie.
  • 06:55/3rd: Phil Kessel goal.
  • 16:53/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal.

2016-2017 Season Edit

2017 Playoffs Edit

Round 1 Edit

12 April vs Blue Jackets - Game 1

  • 01:15/2nd: Bryan Rust goal, assisted by Phil Kessel who made an incredible one-touch foot pass.
  • 03:45/2nd: Phil Kessel power-play goal, a wicked wrister.
  • 16:25/2nd: Nick Bonino goal.

14 April vs Blue Jackets - Game 2

  • 08:31/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, off Conor Sheary's hard work by forcing Bobrovsky to turn over the puck, getting it to Jake Guentzel, who got it to Crosby.
  • 07:51/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, a beautiful slapshot off a Sidney Crosby pass.
  • 02:01/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal.
  • 19:14/3rd: Patric Hornqvist empty-net goal.

16 April @ Blue Jackets - Game 3

  • 03:17/1st: Jake Guentzel goal, an incredible side-angle shot.
  • 05:21/2nd: Bryan Rust goal.
  • 13:25/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, unassisted. He put the puck on net, it hit the blade of a CBJ player, and was guided into the net by the stick of Bryan Rust via the outside of the CBJ player's blade.
  • 11:48/3rd: Jake Guentzel power-play goal, his second tally of the night.
  • 13:10/OT: Jake Guentzel game-winning goal, assisted by Sidney Crosby, who had an amazing shift to create that goal. With his final tally, Guentzel became only the 2nd rookie in NHL history to complete a playoff hat trick and score an OT goal.

18 April @ Blue Jackets - Game 4

20 April vs Blue Jackets - Game 5

  • 09:07/1st: Phil Kessel power-play goal, a wicked wrister through traffic.
  • 01:07/2nd: Bryan Rust goal.
  • 03:50/2nd: Bryan Rust goal, his second of the night.
  • 05:31/3rd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, scored from one knee.
  • 06:22/3rd: Scott Wilson goal, an incredible backhand goal scored 51 seconds after the Crosby tally.

Round 2 Edit

27 April @ Capitals - Game 1

  • 00:12/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, a wicked wrister.
  • 01:04/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, on one knee 1 minute and 8 seconds after his first.
  • 12:36/3rd: Nick Bonino goal, on a partial breakaway.

29 April @ Capitals - Game 2

  • 01:15/2nd: Matt Culle shorthanded goal.
  • 13:04/2nd: Phil Kessel goal, a wicked wrister off a pass from Sidney Crosby after some beautiful stickhandling.
  • 16:14/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, off an assist from Crosby who blocked a shot and managed to spring Guentzel for a breakaway.
  • 02:19/3rd: Phil Kessel power-play goal.
  • 05:31/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, which was first declared a no-goal because of goalie interference, but was overturned after Pens challenged the call.
  • 19:17/3rd: Jake Guentzel empty-net goal. His 7th goal of the playoffs in 7 games.

1 May vs Capitals - Game 3

  • 18:07/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, scored 6-on-5.
  • 18:55/3rd: Justin Shultz goal, also 6-on-5. Scored just 48 seconds after the Malkin goal to tie up the game 2-2 and force overtime.

3 May vs Capitals - Game 4

  • 04:31/1st: Patric Hornqvist goal, a glove, topside on a breakaway, with a nice pass from Olli Maatta.
  • 03:51/2nd: Jake Guentzel goal, unassisted. He threw the puck across the crease and it hit Dimitry Orlov's skate an entered the Cap's net - an own goal.
  • 11:24/2nd: Justin Shultz power-play goal, a blast of a shot from near the blueline.

6 May @ Capitals - Game 5

  • 10:24/1st: Carl Hagelin goal. His first of the playoffs.
  • 04:20/2nd: Phil Kessel power-play goal, scored from one knee off a pretty passing play from the Pens PP unit.

8 May vs Capitals - Game 6

10 May @ Capitals - Game 7

  • 08:49/2nd: Bryan Rust goal, assisted by Sidney Crosby who made a tremendous effort to steal the puck and then keep it in play. Bryan Rust has now 12 points in 12 elimination games.
  • 04:14/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal, a beauty of a backhand shot.

Round 3 - Eastern Conference Final Edit

13 May vs Senators - Game 1

  • 14:25/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, an incredible backhand redirection.

15 May vs Senators - Game 2

  • 13:05/3rd: Phil Kessel goal, a wrister off his own rebound. It was the only goal of the game.

17 May @ Senators - Game 3

19 May @ Senators - Game 4

  • 19:14/1st: Olli Maatta goal. His first ever playoff goal.
  • 07:41/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, scored from one knee.
  • 11:30/2nd: Brian Dumoulin goal, a deflection of Dion Phaneuf's skate and into his own net.

21 May vs Senators - Game 5

23 May @ Senators - Game 6

  • 04:51/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, an incredible individual effort to get it past Craig Anderson.

25 May vs Senators - Game 7

  • 09:55/2nd: Chris Kunitz goal, his first since February.
  • 11:44/3rd: Justin Shultz power-play goal.
  • 05:09/2OT: Chris Kunitz goal, assisted by Sidney Crosby and Justin Shultz.

Round 4 - Stanley Cup Final Edit

29 May vs Predators - Game 1

  • 15:32/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal.
  • 16:37/1st: Conor Sheary goal, a beautiful play between Crosby, Kunitz and Sheary.
  • 19:43/1st: Nick Bonino goal, off a Predator's stick for an own goal.
  • 16:43/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal.
  • 18:58/3rd: Nick Bonino empty-net goal.

31 May vs Predators - Game 2

  • 16:36/1st: Jake Guentzel goal, assisted by Conor Sheary and Chris Kunitz.
  • 00:10/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal, 10 seconds into the period.
  • 03:13/3rd: Scott Wilson goal, off Fidler for an own goal.
  • 03:28/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, a laser of a wrist shot.

3 June @ Predators - Game 3

5 June @ Predators - Game 4

  • 15:57/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, a beauty of a goal. His first goal in 15 SCF games.

8 June vs Predators - Game 5

11 June @ Predators - Game 6

  • 18:25/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal, a bank shot that went into the net off of Pekka Rinne's back. It was the game-winning goal.
  • 19:46/3rd: Carl Hagelin empty-net goal.

Regular Season Edit

October Edit

13 Oct vs Capitals

  • 08:47/2nd: Patric Hornqvist power play goal. The first Penguins goal of the season.
  • 18:52:2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal.

15 Oct vs Ducks

17 Oct vs Avalanche

18 Oct @ Canadiens

  • Shutout

20 Oct vs Sharks

22 Oct @ Predators

25 Oct vs Panthers

27 Oct vs Islanders

29 Oct @ Flyers

  • 15:44/1st: Sidney Crosby goal.
  • 16:27/1st: Sidney Crosby power play goal, scored from one knee. Made it a 2-2 tie.
  • 16:39/1st: Matt Cullen goal, a bank shot from behind the goal line that goes in via the goalie's skate.
  • 09:38/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal.
  • 08:33/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal. His 300th goal.

November Edit

2 Nov @ Ducks

  • 07:41/1st: Evgeni Malkin slapshot. 1st goal of the game.

3 Nov @ Kings

  • 07:28/1st: Sidney Crosby 1/2. Assisted by Patric Hornqvist and Kris Letang. First goal of the game.
  • 09:28/3rd:Sidney Crosby's 2/2. Assisted by Kris Letang.

5 Nov @ Sharks

  • 04:22/1st: Chris Kunitz scores his first goal of the season.
  • 18:28/1st: Sidney Crosby scores an unbelievable goal from behind the redline; a backhand shot that banks off the goal post and into the goalie's skate and then into the net.
  • 00:13/2nd: Crosby scores just 13 secs into the 2nd period. An incredible one-handed goal.
  • 02:33/2nd: Eric Fehr makes it 4-0.
  • 16:28/2nd: Nick Bonino's short-handed goal.

8 Nov vs Oilers

  • 01:57/1st: Conor Sheary's first goal of the game.
  • 12:08/2nd: Carl Hagelin's 2nd goal of the season.
  • 05:33/3rd: Evgeni Malkin scores a beautiful one-handed, backhand goal.
  • 18:18/3rd: Conor Sheary is credited with his 2nd goal of the game, although the Oilers' Benoit Pouliot put the puck in his own net.

10 Nov vs Wild

  • 07:53/1st: A beautiful PPG by Sidney Crosby. A redirect from a Phil Kessel pass. First goal of the game.
  • 07:33/2nd: Patric Hornqvist nets a PPG that goes off a Wild player and into the goal.

12 Nov vs Leafs

  • 14:42/1st: Kris Letang falls through the open door and into the Pittsburgh bench.
  • 03:06/2nd: Evgeni Malkin PPG.
  • 19:42/2nd: Chris Kunitz game-winning goal.
  • 06:58/3rd: Bryan Rust drags the puck around the goaltender and scores a beautiful goal on his own rebound.
  • 10:14/3rd: A classic Crosby tap-in.

16 Nov @ Caps

18 Nov @ Islanders

  • 15:19/1st: Sidney Crosby power play goal. Scored from one knee. First goal of the game.
  • 13:55/2nd: Trevor Daley goal.
  • 01:24/OT: Kris Letang OT goal. Assisted by Crosby and Kessel (who was not on the ice during the goal).

19 Nov @ Sabres

  • 05:46/3rd: Sidney Crosby PPG, scored from one knee. It was Sid's 350th goal. Made it a 1-1 tie.

21 Nov vs Rangers

  • 01:02/1st: Jake Guentzel's first NHL goal. He scored on his first shot of his first shift in his first game.
  • 13:12/1st: Guentzel's second of the game.

23 Nov @ Rangers

25 Nov @ Wild

  • 13:26/1st: Phil Kessel goal. It's his 600th NHL career point.
  • 05:50/3rd: A beautiful Bryan Rust deflection between the legs.

26 Nov vs Devils

  • 01:23/2nd: Jake Guentzel gets his 3rd in four goals.
  • 02:38/2nd: Tom Kuhnhackl makes a filthy deke for a beautiful goal.
  • 19:46/3rd: Sidney Crosby's incredibly goal; a toe drag and backhand that goes in the top corner behind goalie Keith Kinkkaid. Made it a 3-3 tie.

30 Nov @ Islanders

  • 00:32/3rd: Conor Sheary goal.
  • 10:40/3rd: Justin Shultz goal. His first of the season.
  • 13:08/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal, off a beautiful passing play with Sidney Crosby and Brian Dumoulin.

December Edit

1 Dec vs Stars

  • 08:47/1st: Ian Cole goal.
  • 07:43/2nd: Patric Hornqvist goal, his first since returning from a concussion. A 5 on 3 PPG.
  • 19:38/2nd: The most ridiculous Sidney Crosby goal. He batted in a rebound off his own bank shot from behind the goal line. GWG.
  • 16:22/3rd: Conor Sheary goal. A rush up the ice, assisted by Sidney Crosby and Justin Shultz.
  • 17:14/3rd: Eric Fehr empty-net goal. Created by an incredible defensive effort in his own zone.
  • 17:55/3rd: Nick Bonino gets his own rebound.

3 Dec vs Red Wings

  • 11:00/2nd: 1/2 Phil Kessel goal.
  • 02:05/3rd: Nick Bonino goal.
  • 06:28/3rd: Justin Shultz goal, his second in 3 games.
  • 10:54/3rd: 2/2 Phil Kessel goal.
  • 19/19/3rd: Matt Cullen empty-net goal. He got a breakaway towards an empty net before being tripped up and was consequently rewarded an automatic goal even without having recorded a shot.

5 Dec vs Senators

8 Dec @ Panthers

  • 03:06/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, a rare goal from the top circle. First goal of the game.
  • 04:51/1st: Conor Sheary goal, with a little help from Florida goalie Roberto Luongo.
  • 07:34/1st: Tom Khunhackl deflection off a Justin Shultz blast.
  • 05:44/3rd: Matt Cullen goal with an incredible assist from Scott Wilson.
  • 19:27/3rd: Carl Hagelin empty-net goal, assisted by Matt Murray.

10 Dec @ Lightning

  • 12:03/1st: Sidney Crosby goal, an incredible effort, outworking the defenseman and goalie to score from his stomach. First goal of the game.
  • 17:25/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, the first of three power-play goals by the Penguins.
  • 05:08/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, the second PPG. An amazing shot from one knee where he's first removed the stick of a Tampa d-man to clear a lane for himself all in one motion.
  • 08:36/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal. The final PPG. The game-winning goal.
  • 11:44/3rd: Matt Murray throws his stick in a desperation move to make an unbelievable glove save on a wide-open net.

12 Dec vs Coyotes

  • 08:40/1st: Scott Wilson goal.
  • 04:30/2nd: Nick Bonino goal, on a giveaway from the Coyotes.
  • 06/58/2nd: Trevor Daley goal.
  • 08:30/2nd: Bryan Rust goal.
  • 15:13/2nd: Sidney Crosby power play goal, a ridiculous goal where the puck went off the post and into the air, and Crosby had the presence of mind to wait for the puck to fall below the crossbar before he batted it, mid-air, into the net to avoid a high stick on the play.
  • 01:20/3rd: Phil Kessel goal.
  • 12:26/3rd: Justin Shultz power play goal.

14 Dec vs Bruins

  • 12:49/1st: Justin Shultz goal.
  • 09:47/2nd: Nick Bonino power play goal.
  • 09:02/3rd: Conor Sheary power play goal, scored from one knee in a very Crosby fashion.
  • 01:24/OT: Bryan Rust overtime goal.

16 Dec vs Kings

  • Shutout

17 Dec @ Leafs

  • 12:51/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, scored from one knee.

20 Dec vs Rangers

  • 05:55/1st: Sidney Crosby scores on an insane deflection off a Ian Cole shot. First goal of the game.
  • 04:43/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal. Scored from one knee.
  • 08:53/2nd: Phil Kessel showing incredible patience as he scores a power play goal that only just crosses the line.
  • 04:11/3rd: Justin Shultz goal.
  • 06:12/3rd: Bryan Rust goal.
  • 12:22/3rd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 19:49/3rd: Nick Bonino goal.

22 Dec @ Blue Jackets

  • 02:39/1st: Sidney Crosby scores the Pens' first and only goal of the game by batting his own rebound into the net while the puck was still in the air. First goal of the game.

23 Dec vs Devils

  • 11:00/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal. A blast from the upper right circle. First goal of the game.
  • 04:13/2nd: Eric Fehr goal. Unassisted. (This might actually be Matt Cullen's goal)
  • 19:21/2nd: Chad Ruhwedel's first NHL goal.
  • 12:05/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal.

27 Dec @ Devils

  • 06:43/1st: Evgeni Malkin PPG. His 800th NHL point.
  • 10:56/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, off an incredible pass by Conor Sheary. Scored from one knee to make it a 2-2 tie.
  • 19:54/2nd: Justin Shultz goal, assisted by Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. It was both Crosby and Malkin's 41st point.
  • 03:13/3rd: Carl Hagelin goal, a slapshot right outside the crease.
  • 18:42/3rd: Bryan Rust empty-net goal.
  • Gif: Marc-André Fleury makes a diving play to bat the puck away from the net.

28 Dec vs Hurricanes

  • 00:26/2nd: Sidney Crosby scores his 26th of the season to make it a 1-1 tie. It was his 100th regular season point in the calendar year 2016.
  • 01:59/3rd: Chris Kunitz scores for the first time in 15 games.
  • 15:45/3rd: Carl Hagelin goal.

31 Dec vs Canadiens

  • 01:07/2nd: Patric Hornqvist goal.
  • 04:28/2nd: Phil Kessel goal. An incredible deke on a breakaway.
  • 19:05/3rd: Conor Sheary goal, deflected off his chest.
  • 01:54/OT: Evgeni Malkin goal, on a 4 on 3 power play in OT.

January Edit

8 Jan vs Lightning

  • 06:44/2nd: Conor Sheary goal, makes it a 1-1 tie.
  • 11:14/2nd: Eric Fehr goal.
  • 02:33/3rd: Chris Kunitz goal, game-winning goal.
  • 03:28/3rd: Scott Wilson scores a beautiful breakaway goal.
  • 07:50/3rd: Phil Kessel scores after Sidney Crosby finds the puck in a scrum and manages to pass him the puck.
  • 17:20/3rd: Krist Letang power-play goal.

11 Jan @ Capitals

  • 07:46/3rd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal. A one-timer from one knee.
  • 17:24/3rd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.

12 Jan @ Senators

  • 19:53/2nd: Conor Sheary goal, a redirection off an Evgeni Malkin pass.

14 Jan @ Red Wings

16 Jan vs Capitals

  • 06:28/2nd: Evgeni Malkin's 1st of the night. Scored from one knee during a 4-on-4 play.
  • 07:12/2nd: Conor Sheary scored a redirect off an amazing Sidney Crosby pass that goes between a Capitals skates before reaching Sheary's stick.
  • 08:55/2nd: Nick Bonino scores to tie the game.
  • 13:47/2nd: Bryan Rust goal, an incredible bank shot from behind the goal line that goes in off of Holtby.
  • 14:37/2nd: Evgeni Malkin chips in his 2nd of the game.
  • 17:19/2nd: Evgeni Malkin completes his hat trick with a power-play goal.
  • 05:55/3rd: Sidney Crosby scores his first goal in five games off an incredible Conor Sheary pass.
  • 00:34/OT: Conor Sheary scores the OT winner.

18 Jan @ Canadiens

  • 14:52/1st: Ian Cole goal.
  • 05:19/2nd: Eric Fehr goal.
  • 17:38/2nd: Jake Guenztel goal, a deflection off a Cameron Gaunce shot. It was Ganuce's 1st NHL point.
  • 15:36/3rd: Olli Maatta goal. His first of the season.

20 Jan @ Hurricanes

  • 12:31/1st: Trevor Daley goal.
  • 06:59/2nd: Carl Hagelin goal.
  • 12:28/2nd: Conor Sheary goal.
  • 12:46/2nd: Chris Kunitz goal. Eric Fehr assisted on the goal; it was his 200th NHL point.
  • 17:29/2nd: Phil Kessel power-play goal. An incredible goal off an amazing Evgeni Malkin pass.
  • 06:37/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal. Somehow Malkin managed to tuck this in up and over the goalie's skate and then over the line.
  • 09:05/3rd: Conor Sheary goal. His 2nd of the night, scored from one knee off an incredible behind-the-back pass from Sidney Crosby.

22 Jan vs Bruins

  • 00:18/2nd: Bryan Rust goal off a pretty Sidney Crosby pass.
  • 09:06/2nd: Conor Sheary goal, the result off a tremendous effort by Sidney Crosby and Bryan Rust.
  • 01:40/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal.
  • 02:59/3rd: Conor Shear goal, his second of the game. Crosby did not get a point on this goal but it happens because of his effort.
  • 04:37/3rd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal.

24 Jan vs Blues

  • Shutout

26 Jan @ Bruins

  • 07:37/1st: Justin Shultz gets an unassisted goal when a Bruins player puts the puck in his own net.
  • 11:26/1st: Phil Kessel power-play goal.
  • 10:35/3rd: Patric Hornqvist goal.

31 Jan vs Predators

February Edit

3 Feb vs Blue Jackets

  • 13:37/1st: An absolutely beautiful Phil Kessel goal.
  • 18:28/1st: Patric Hornqvist goal, off the incredible efforts of Matt Cullen.
  • 18:23/2nd: Nick Bonino goal.
  • 03:15/OT: Phil Kessel power-play goal.

4 Feb @ Blues

  • 15:50/1st: Sidney Crosby scores the first goal of the game, an incredible backhand shot from one knee.
  • 01:34/2nd: Kris Letang scores a beautiful breakaway goal coming from the penalty box.
  • 12:02/2nd: Justin Shultz snipes the puck into the net off a fantastic Sidney Crosby pass.
  • 19:42/3rd: Sidney Crosby empty-net goal.

7 Feb vs Flames

  • 05:51/3rd: Chris Kunitz goal, assisted by Sidney Crosby. It was Crosby's 998th NHL point.
  • 15:06/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal.

9 Feb @ Avalanche

11 Feb @ Coyotes

14 Feb vs Canucks

  • 05:16/2nd: Evgeni Malkin scores in his return to the lineup.
  • 02:27/3rd: Jake Guenztel goal, assisted by Sidney Crosby. It was Crosby's 999th point.
  • 14:03/3rd: Phil Kessel goal, assisted by Evgeni Malkin who displayed tremendous patience to make the pass.
  • 18:03/3rd: Matt Cullen goal.

16 Feb vs Jets

17 Feb @ Blue Jackets

  • 06:13/2nd: Ian Cole goal, assisted by Evgeni Malkin. It was Malkin's 500th career NHL assist.

19 Feb vs Red Wings

21 Feb @ Hurricanes

  • 02:15/1st: Scott Wilson goal.
  • 16:21/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, a beautiful redirection off a Phil Kessel shot. Scored on a 5-on-3 power play. It was the game-winning goal.
  • 09:41/3rd: Evgeni Malkin goal.

25 Feb vs Flyers

28 Feb @ Stars

March Edit

1 March @ Blackhawks

  • 17:00/2nd: Scott Wilson goal, off the inside of the cross bar.

3 March vs Lightning

  • 08:39/2nd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal. Scored from one knee off a beautiful Phil Kessel pass.
  • 16:49/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, his 2nd of the night.
  • 02:38/3rd: Mark Streit scores his first goal in a Penguin uniform. The goal came on a delayed penalty and was assisted by Malkin and Sidney Crosby.
  • 16:37/3rd: Justin Shultz power-play goal, off his own rebound.
  • 19:00/3rd: Tom Kuhnhackl empty-net goal.

5 March vs Sabres

  • 07:45/1st: Justin Shultz goal, off his skate.
  • 13:42/2nd: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal. A pretty one-timer.
  • 16:14/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal, off a redirect that was reviewed and determined not to be a high stick.
  • 17:04:/3rd: Conor Sheary goal, the game winner.

8 March @ Jets

  • 03:33/1st: Evgeni Malkin fight vs Blake Wheeler.
  • 04:43/1st: Nick Bonino goal, scored 25 seconds after the Jets' first.
  • 11:57/1st: Evgeni Malkin breakaway goal.
  • 09:09/2nd: Justin Shultz power-play goal, 5-on-3.
  • 09:29/2nd: Nick Bonino power-play goal, scored 20 seconds after the first PP goal.
  • 10:06/2nd: Evgeni Malkin goal, his second of the night. The third goal in 57 seconds for the Pens.
  • 18:21/2nd: Nick Bonino power-play goal. Bonino's first hat trick with the Pens and second ever.
  • 16:02/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal, a beautiful redirect with a high stick (but below the crossbar).

10 March @ Oilers

  • 05:42/1st: Nick Bonino goal.
  • 17:27/1st: Evgeni Malkin goal, an own goal by Talbot and McDavid.
  • SO: Sidney Crosby shootout goal.
  • SO: Phil Kessel shootout winner.

11 March @ Canucks

  • 16:42/2nd: Ian Cole goal, a beautiful blast from the slot. It was his first career game-winning goal.
  • 16:54/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal.
  • 18:45/3rd: Conor Sheary, empty-net goal.

13 March @ Flames

  • 02:54/1st: Conor Sheary goal, scored from one knee in the slot.
  • 15:51/1st: Evgeni Malkin power-play goal, off a pretty passing play.
  • 16:29/3rd: Sidney crosby goal, scored off a deflection that grazed Brian Elliott's glove. It was Crosby's first goal in eight games, on his 32nd shot since his previous goal.

15 March @ Flyers

  • Shutout

17 March vs Devils

  • 06:37/1st: Phil Kessel goal, playing on his offside. It was his first goal in 14 games.
  • 13:30/1st: Jake Guentzel goal.
  • 19:45/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, scored from one knee. Scored 5-on-3.
  • 15:47/2nd: Nick Bonino scored a beautiful goal off a pretty passing play.
  • 05:07/3rd: Carter Rowney scores his first NHL goal, in his 15th game.
  • 19:26/3rd: Sidney Crosby empty-net goal, scored from the redline.

19 March vs Panthers

  • 16:14/1st: Patric Hornqvist goal, and incredible shot that was batted into the net. It was his first in 13 games.
  • 14:15/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, from Guentzel and Sheary.
  • 16:07/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, from Guentzel and Sheary.
  • 05:00/3rd: Sidney Crosby goal, from Guentzel and Sheary. It was Crosby's 10th career hat trick.

21 March @ Sabres

  • 19:51/1st: Sidney Crosby power-play goal. Possibly the best goal of Crosby's career; from end to end, breaking the D, one-handed backhand flipped over Robert Lehner's glove hand.
  • 14:31/3rd: Nick Bonino goal. GWG.
  • 16:29/3rd: Conor Sheary goal. An own goal by Buffalo where Sheary threw the puck at the net and it went in off a Sabre.

23 March @ Senators

24 March vs Islanders

26 March vs Flyers

29 March vs Blackhawks

31 March @ Rangers

  • 00:39/2nd: Jake Guentzel power-play goal. A deflection off a pretty passing play from Kessel and Crosby.
  • 10:46/2nd: Sidney Crosby goal, a truly ridiculous goal from below the goal line, banked in off of Lundqvist's helmet.
  • 06:46/3rd: Bryan Rust goal. A beauty from the slot.
  • SO: Phil Kesse goal.
  • SO: Sidney Crosby goal.

April Edit

2 April vs Hurricanes

4 April vs Blue Jackets

6 April @ Devils

  • 14/24/1st: Bryan Rust goal, off a slick Nick Bonino pass.
  • 17:07/1st: Jake Guentzel goal.
  • 02:09/2nd: Josh Archibald goal.
  • 03:05/2nd: Conor Sheary goal, off an unbelievable no-look, between the legs, backhand pass from Sidney Crosby.
  • 07:45/2nd: Patric Hornqvist power-play goal.
  • 01:56/3rd: Matt Cullen short-handed goal.
  • 16:53/3rd: Nick Bonino power-play goal, a beautiful redirect.

8 April @ Maple Leafs

  • 06/11/1st: Phil Kessel goal, a beauty of a snipe. His first in 10 games.
  • 07:55/2nd: Sidney Crosby power-play goal, scored from one knee.
  • 06:51/3rd: Jake Guentzel goal.

9 April @ Rangers

  • 09:16/1st: Nick Bonino goal.
  • 09:54/1st: Tristan Jarry save, an unbelievable stick save on an open net.
  • 13:38/2nd: Carter Rowney goal, an unassisted goal after stealing the puck and making a breakaway for himself.

2015-2016 Season Edit

2016 Playoffs Edit

May Edit

16 May - Game 2 vs Lightning Edit
  • 00:40/OT: Sidney Crosby scores the overtime winner, from one knee, in Game 2 against the Lightning. It was his first ever playoff overtime goal.
  • 00:40/OT: (slow motion + different angle)
22 May - Game 5 vs Lightning Edit
  • 19:10/2nd: Chris Kunitz scores to make it 3-2 Pittsburgh with a tremendous shift by the Penguins in the offensive zone.
24 May - Game 6 @ Lightning Edit
  • 07:40/2nd: Kris Letang scores to make it 2-0 Pittsburgh.
  • 19:34/2nd: Sidney Crosby skates through 3 Tampa defensemen to give the Penguins a 3-0 lead with 25 secs to go in the 2nd period.
26 May - Game 7 vs Lightning Edit
  • 01:55/2nd: Bryan Rust's 1st goal of the night vs the Lightning in Game 7.
  • 10:06/2nd: Bryan Rust's GWG in game 7 against the Lightning.

June Edit

1 June - Game 2 vs Sharks Edit
  • 02:35/OT: Conor Sheary's OT winner in Game 2 vs the Sharks. A goal off a set face off play from Sidney Crosby to Letang to Sheary.
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