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Moments when Sid and Geno were in sync. Edit

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  • Both Sid and Geno scored their 300th goals against the Philadelphia Flyers; Sid at Consol Energy Center (now PPG Paints Arena) in Pittsburgh and Geno at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

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2014 Edit

12 May 2014: Off-day interview before game 7 vs the Rangers.

Sid and geno 2014 game 7 presser 1
Sid and geno 2014 game 7 presser 2
21 November 2014: at home against the NYI
Drift compatible exit
2016 Edit

25 October 2016: To start the game, Sid and Geno walking in step.


gif by trilliath

25 October 2016: Sid and Geno on the ice, skating in sync.
Sid and geno in synch
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