• Kaiidth

    A Fleury of Talents

    November 15, 2016 by Kaiidth

    On 18 Oct 2016, reddit user Flintor submitted a thread noting that when Pickard forgot his water bottle during the 17 Oct 2016 Penguins vs Avalanche OT switch, Flower sent it down the ice "curling style" .

    In the same thread, in reply to user DRW1421 who commented that "it's impossible to hate Flower", user MedicinalHammer added that they used to be an EMT and once, when covering a Ducks game, "saw Flower blasting Katy Perry's 'California Girls' while riding a stationary bike and lifting little pink 5 pound weights above his head, alternating left and right on beat. It was amazing and perfect." 

    Reportedly, Flower was also singing along and "the rest of the team was sorta dancing and singing along (with much less enthusiasm than Flower but s…

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  • Kaiidth


    October 28, 2016 by Kaiidth

    On 5 October 2016, Olli answered some questions on Snapchat, earlier posed to him by fans on Twitter via @penguins #SnapOlli.

    1. In response to Taylor @Taylor_Ray922 , who asked Olli about the hockey player he looked up to as a child, and to whom he was closest to on the team, he revealed that he is close/closest to “Schultzy” (Justin Schultz) on the team because they are neighbors and that he looked up to (an European hockey player) while growing up.

    2. In answer to either Alyssa @Alyssadelphia11 or Pens Army ‏@PensArmy_ , Olli said that he was happy to share his Cup Day with his family (Alyssa asked "@penguins What was your favorite part of your time with the Cup? #SnapOlli" while Pens Army ‏tweeted "@penguins What was your favorite moment with the cup …

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  • Hazel3017

    On Thursday 28 July 2016, a facebook user posted a story about Sidney Crosby meeting a little girl dressed as a princess. When he asked the girl who her favorite princess was, she replied Ariel. But when the girl asked him who his favorite princess was, her tiara fell off. Sidney picked it up, put it back on her head, and said, "Well, I guess now it's got to be you."

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  • Hazel3017

    Halloween Party 2016

    October 24, 2016 by Hazel3017

    The Pittsburgh Penguins' annual Halloween party took place on Sunday 23 October 2016.

    Thanks to DJ Petey C , who was the DJ at the party and who sent out some tweets before later deleting them, we know the following:

    1. Sidney Crosby was dressed as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.
    1. Evgeni Malkin was dressed as a cowboy.
    1. Phil Kessel was Batman.
    1. Matt Murray was Maverick from Top Gun.
    1. Marc-André Fleury was dressed as a grandpa.

    It's also suspected that Nick Bonino was dressed as a pokemon as his wife was apparently dressed as a Pokemon Go player. Update: Both Nick Bonino and his wife went dressed as Pokemon Go players.

    Additional information shared by Petey C includes:

    1. Sidney Crosby being terrible at beer pong.
    2. Sidney Crosby being a GOD at beer pong.

    Did Sid s…

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  • Hazel3017

    Ever since the news of the 2017 NHL expansion to Vegas—and the consequent draft—the status of Marc-André Fleury has been a question mark in Pittsburgh. He's been the Penguins' franchise goaltender for almost a full decade and still has 3 years left on his contract, including this season. Fleury has said he wants to remain a Penguin, but now that is looking extremely unlikley. Just a single year ago, this wouldn't even have been an issue, but with the emergence of 22-year-old Matt Murray—the Penguins' franchise-goalie-to-be—it is becoming increasingly difficult to envision a future in which Fleury stays in Pittsburgh.

    Here's why: Pittsburgh can only protect one goalie in the expansion draft, and they're most likely going to protect Matt Murr…

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  • Hazel3017

    Sidney Crosby Snapchat

    October 17, 2016 by Hazel3017

    On Sunday 16 October 2016, tumblr user nametags posted an ask detailing a story about how a meeting with Tyler Seguin led to the revelation that Sidney Crosby uses Snapchat and apparently snapchats with Seguin. 

    From nametags :

    HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS, LET ME TELL YOU THIS LOVELY STORY So I was at the Stars STH event at Six Flags with my friend Kenna @hawkbutt. First and foremost we wanted to meet Tyler Seguin and you had to go through the line for the rides to get to the players. I was wearing my Crosby jersey as moral support since homeboy is concussed and I love him.  
    We finally get down to Tyler and when he gets a good look at me he scoffs and asks me “Really?” Before I can really defend myself/explain why he says “This is actually good ti…
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