NHL Edit

General Info Edit

Off-ice officials are a fourth team at every game (, 24 October 2008)

  • Great break down of how many people actually work an NHL game, from penalty box attendants to stats keepers.

The CBA Edit

Copy of the CBA (, 16 September 2012)

  • A copy of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHLPA and the NHL, explaining the rights of players and teams.

NCAA (College Players) Edit

How does the NHL collective bargaining agreement relate to NCAA players? (SB Nation, 11 March 2015)

  • Great overview of how the CBA relates to college players and what their rights are.

NHL CBA: College loophole clarified; Anders Lee's ELC (SB Nation, 7 June 2013)

  • Great overview of how college players become UFAs.

Sidney Crosby Edit

General Info Edit

Six things learned on road trip with Sidney Crosby: Loves podcasts; no E-ZPass? (USA Today, 14 Sep 2017)

  • Cute article about some random Sid trivia.

NHL superstar Sidney Crosby at 30: The can't miss 'kid' who didn't (Toronto Metro, 4 Aug 2017)

Sidney Crosby: The NHL’s greatest anti-hero (The McGill Trbune, 31 July 2017)

Big Read: How Sidney Crosby built hockey's most lucrative brand (Sportsnet, 21 May 2017)

  • On Sid's early sponsorships and how he built his brand.

As Sidney Crosby nears 1,000-point mark, moments with teammates resonate more than stats (ESPN, 7 Feb 2017)

  • Includes history of Sid's earlier seasons and friendship with Colby Armstrong and Max Talbot as he nears the 1000-point mark. Plus some reflection on the future.

Sidney Crosby's Brilliance Was the Hockey Story of 2016 (Vice Sports, 30 Dec 2016)

  • Really great article detailing Sid's dominant performance throughout the calendar year 2016.

Player Q&A (NHLPA, 7 Dec 2016)

  • Personal info about Sid, including his favourite food, tv show, and where and with whom (Russia/Geno) he'd go if he could travel anywhere in the world.

Worth Waiting For (ESPN, 5 Jul 2004)

ESPN Feature on Sidney Crosby (ESPN, 2007)

The Evolution of Sidney Crosby (ESPN, 18 Jan 2013)

Sidney Crosby Finds Balance In Life In The Spotlight (USA Today, 4 Feb 2015)

Penguins Crosby Does It His Way (TribLive, 4 May 2013)

Crosby's Off-Ice Life Hardly Reflects That of Superstar (TribLive, 22 Aug 2015)

The Crosby Conundrum: Entering Middle Age, Who Is Sid the Kid? (Sports Illustrated, 3 Mar 2016)

Crosby Back to Being A Superstar (ESPN, 1 Jun 2016)

The A to Z of Sidney Crosby (Sportsnet, 9 Oct 2016)

Sidney Crosby, Penguins still among NHL's 'best-in-the-league' conversation( The Globe and Mail, 10 January 2016)

Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux proud to see Sidney Crosby mature on and off ice (Amherst News/The Citizen-Record, 20 June 2016)

  • Mario noted that Sid's game has become more complete as he matures as a player and spoke briefly about how incredible it was to have Sid around.

Don't Trust Sidney Crosby with Your Car Keys (Pittsburgh Magazine, Dec 2010)

  • About Sid as a captain, story from his Rimouski days, and how mischevious he really is (aka Sidney "the quiet prankster" Crosby).

Leadership Edit

Crosby's leadership helps Penguins' youngsters succeed (The Score, 12 Jan 2017)

  • Includes Mario saying Sid lived with them for 8 years.

Coaches Edit

How much was Sidney Crosby hurt by coach Mike Johnston? (Puck Daddy, 8 Jan 2016)

  • Mike Johnston's impact on Crosby's style of play and production.

2012 Lockout Edit

Rested, Happy, And Finally Health, Crosby Excited To Return (Yahoo! Sports, 11 Jan 2013)

Injuries Edit

Broken Jaw Edit

The Inside Story of Crosby's Gruesome Facial Injury (The Globe and Mail, 30 May 2013)

Infographic from above article

Johnston: Crosby performing despite discomfort (Sportsnet, 21 May 2013)

  • On Crosby returning to the ice and producing in the playoffs after breaking his jaw. Also mentions how he almost choked on a mozzarella stick.

Concussion Edit

1st Concussion Edit

Crosby Deserves Better (TribLive, 13 Jan 2012)

  • About how people were suspecting Crosby of milking his injury and skipping out on playing, how a select few teammates therefore sought to choose a new temporary captain, and an overview of the struggles Crosby was actually dealing with.

As Penguins show support, Crosby feels 'a lot better' (SportingNews, 13 January 2012)

  • How the Pens player donned a C in practice to dispel the rumours of how they wanted an interim captain. With references to the article that started the rumour.

Pens Show Solidarity with their Captain (, 13 January 2012)

  • How the Pens player donned a C in practice to dispel the rumours of how they wanted an interim captain.

Crosby's Lost Year (Grantland, 6 Oct 2011)

  • A timeline of the concussion and its aftermath

Crosby Speaks Out on Player Safety (The Globe and Mail, 8 Feb 2013)

Crosby Speaks From Experience on Concussions (TribLive, 26 Feb 2013)

2nd Concussion Edit

Sidney Crosby 'so excited to be back out there' (NHL, 26 October 2016)

  • Summary of Crosby's 2nd concussion, how it was handled, and how good he was in his first game back.

International Competition Edit

2016 World Cup of Hockey Edit

Sidney Crosby was Canada’s best player, as it should be (The Star, 17 Sep 2016)

  • On how Sidney Crosby is the best player on Team Canada, and in the world, and how he's been accused of being difficult to play with (because of his skill). With quotes from Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron, his World Cup line mates.

Sidney Crosby’s legendary résumé is missing one thing: World Cup gold (USA Today, 27 Sep 2016)

  • About Crosby's performance in the World Cup. With quotes from his teammates.

Sidney Crosby and the soul of winning everything (Sportsnet, 30 Sep 2016)

  • Reflecting on Crosby's accomplishments and how singular they are, and praising his play in the World Cup. With quotes from teammates.

Sidney Crosby, the best player in the world! (Yahoo! Sports, 29 Sep 2016)

  • Agreeing with recent statements that Crosby is the undisputed best player in the world, but pointing out that he's been so for years already. Links to a number of other articles talking about Crosby, his skill, and his success. With quotes from teammates.

Winter Olympics Edit

2010 Vancouver Edit

As leader, Hitchcock sees Sid in class of his own (NHL, 23 Nov 2011)

  • Ken Hitchcock talking about Sidney Crosby, his leadership, and how he brought the Canadian players together during the 2010 Olympics. (Hitchcock also implied that Sid pranked him before the 2010 Olympic ring ceremony.)
2014 Sochi Edit

Meet Sidney Crosby and Shea Weber, ping-pong hustlers (16 Feb 2014)

  • The story of Sidney Crosby and Shea Weber hustling a group of Canadian curlers at ping pong.

Philanthropy Edit

How Sidney Crosby turned Pittsburgh into Hockeytown (The Globe and Mail, 1 March 2013)

  • About the Sidney Crosby Little Penguins program and youth hockey in Pittsburgh, as well as Crosby's involvement.

Playoffs Edit

2016 Edit

Crosby's Dramatic Overtime Winner Breaks Drought (Penguins, 17 May 2016)

  • About Sid's OT-goal against Tampa in the Eastern Conference finals.

Teenage Sidney Crosby Edit

How Sidney Crosby built hockey's most lucrative brand (Sportsnet, 21 May 2017)

  • How Crosby and his management curated his image from an early age. Great info on some of his corporate sponsorships.

Sidney Crosby had memorable year at Minnesota prep school (StarTribune, 9 June 2016)

  • Great article about Sid from his Shattuck St. Mary's days with Jack Johnson.

'Even with Mario it was never like this' (The Globe and Mail, 20 March 2006)

  • About how popular Sid was with the French-Canadiens and how it was always crazy in Montreal.

Evgeni Malkin Edit

General Info Edit

Evgeni Malkin-Under-appreciated Superstar (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7 Mar 2019)

Mike Sullivan told the Penguins to shoot more. Evgeni Malkin is listening. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 20 October 2018)

  • Discussion of Geno's start this season (2018-2019)

Evgeni Malkin's Top-100 Snub Is a Damn Travesty (Vice Sports, 28 January 2017)

  • Great article explaining why Geno deserved a spot among the top 100 NHL players ever.

Evgeni Malkin healthy, productive for Penguins (, 17 January 2017)

  • Article about how Geno has matured over the years and how good he's been when he's playing healthy, with several references to Sid.

Found in Translation (Sports Illustrated, 5 March 2012)

  • On Geno's hockey IQ and skills, taking up more responsibility when Sid was out with his injury, and Geno's training post-knee injury and surgery

Evgeni Malkin: Greatness gets translated (Sportsnet, 8 March 2012)

  • On Geno's spectacular season, via "translated" quotes.

Evgeni Malkin: Revealing the NHL’s most mysterious superstar (Sportsnet, 28 March 2013)

  • Really good article about Geno, his aversion to media, his early years in Pittsburgh, and how he's grown to be comfortable there. With quotes from teammates, including Sidney Crosby's infamous, "It feels like we grew up together here."

Don't Call Evgeni Malkin the Gronk of the NHL (GQ, 15 December 2015)

Consistent Evgeni Malkin quietly producing as Sidney Crosby grabs headlines (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8 Jan 2017)

  • Great quotes from Horny and Sid on Geno's hockey skills and consistency this season, and a quote from former Penguin Ruslan Fedotenko on Geno's command of English and his willingness to use it. In addition he noted how Geno has matured on and off the ice.

Injuries Edit

Evgeni Malkin Wants His Cup Back(Pittsburgh Magazine, 11 April 2012)

Philanthropy Edit

Another Side of 'Geno' (Pittsburgh Penguins, 10 April 2012)

  • Article detailing Geno's efforts to benefit the families of the victims of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash.

Sochi Olympics Edit

VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin sing in Olympics music video (CBS Sports, 8 November 2013)

  • "Among the featured singers in the music video, Alex Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Alexander Radulov and a way-too-excited-to-be-there Evgeni Malkin."

Sid and Geno Edit

Friendship Edit

Pens superstars share special bond (Penguins, 16 March 2017)

  • Really great article about the beginning of Sid and Geno's friendship, from when they first heard about each other to becoming actual friends and teammates. Details how they have supported each other throughout the years.

Rossi: Crosby, Malkin and The Friendship. (TribLive, 22 March 2014)

  • About how Sid helped Geno gather donations for his hockey auction to benefit the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash victims' families.

Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby And Evgeni Malkin Strengthen The Team’s Core (Whirl Magazine, 22 December 2014)

  • Great article about Sid and Geno, their steady presence and the friendship between them.

General Edit

Getting to know Sid, Geno and Ovie (ESPN, 1 May 2009)

  • Introductory piece on Sid and Geno (+ Ovechkin) as a build up to the 2009 Capitals vs Penguins series. Mentions their style of play, and Geno's ability to avoid media.

Who is the greatest current Pittsburgh athlete? (SB Nation, 15 July 2015)

  • Where Sid and Geno rank among other current Pittsburgh athletes. Includes this gem: "Geno has been the thunder to Sidney Crobsy's lightning in Pittsburgh for nearly a decade."

Sid, Geno ready to face off in World Cup exhibition (TribLive, 13 September 2016)

  • Discusses how Sid and Geno have chosen to continue their partnership - Sid signed a 12-year contract extension in 2012 and Geno signed an eight-year deal in 2013. Compares Sid and Geno to "peanut butter and jelly" and describes the evolution of their relationship.

Player Contracts Edit

Starkey: Sid's deal shouldn't constrain Malkin (TribLive, 30 June 2012)

  • Following news that Sid had again settled for a $8.7 million annual salary, it was noted that the last time Geno re-signed with the Penguins, he had the chance to go higher than Sid's deal but did not.

Pittsburgh Penguins-Other Players Edit

Phil Kessel's Support of Hockey Fights Cancer(NHLPA.COM News, 1 Nov, 2018)

  • Phil's mom discusses how he handled the news of his cancer and how he continues to be open about the experience, despite being a private guy

Penguins' Phil Kessel honored by cancer prevention program (TribLive, 27 Sep 2018)

20 Penguins Thoughts: Matt Murray, Marc-Andre Fleury, and the Pursuit of Perfection [1] (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9 Oct 2018)

  • Some thoughts comparing Matt to Flower and how hard it is to live up to a legacy

How Olli Maatta gained his ‘quiet confidence’ this season (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4 Nov 2017)

  • Great feature about Olli.

Penguins defenseman Schultz takes long road to redemption (TribLive, 12 Mar 2017)

  • Article covers how Pens found a way to help Justin Schultz reach his full potential and how Edmonton coach Nelson had the right idea.

Unlocking Justin Schultz’s confidence (TribLive, 13 Mar 2017)

  • Follow up on 12 Mar 2017 article and quotes from Todd Nelson on Justin Schultz

Schultz’s All-Star snub makes no sense (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12 Jan 2017)

  • Includes quotes from Sergei Gonchar on Schultz's recent transformation as a player and how improving his defensive game helped his confidence levels and in turn his overall timing and offensive game.

Marc-Andre Fleury Honors Favorite Teammates With New Mask(InGoal Magazine, 2 Feb 2017)

  • Catherine Silverman spoke with talked with Stephane Bergeron of Griff Airbrush about Flower's new mask design - a tribute to "the teammates he’s loved to skate out with". Players included in drawings on his helmet: Mario Lemieux, Max Talbot, Kris Letang, Jordan Staal, Pascal Dupuis, Sidney Crosby, Chris Kunitz and Evgeni Malkin.

Hockey Dad (Players' Tribune, 30 May 2016)

  • Before Game 7, Matt Cullen on what it is like to come full circle, Jim Rutherford's character, and how the new practice facility is amazing and has more of a family atmosphere.

13 things you didn't know about Nick Bonino (Penguins, 1 Nov 2016)

  • Feature on Nick Bonino, with great tidbits.

Penguins' Hagelin continues to thrive with late-game legs (TribLive, 19 May 2016)

20 Questions With Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Magazine, 5 November 2010)

  • Insight into Kris Letang. Includes story about Brooks Orpik and Sidney Crosby chirping him about his clothes.

General Info Edit

With a night off at home, which Penguins watch hockey? (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Nov 4 2016)

  • Penguins players reveal if they watch hockey in their spare time or not. Sidney Crosby, predictably, does (though not while on road trips).

Team Bonding Edit

2016 Edit

Gridiron Glory (Penguins, 3 Nov 2016)

  • Great article about the players bonding over their fantasy football league and how seriously they all take it. With great quotes from Eric Fehr, Olli Maatta, and Sidney Crosby. Contains mandatory chirping of Phil Kessel.

Stanley Cup Edit

2016 Edit

Pittsburgh Penguins Return Home With The Stanley Cup (CBS Pittsburgh, 13 June 2016)

  • Players coming off the plane in Pittsburgh after winning the Cup in San Jose. With video.

Events Edit

Fan Fest Edit

2016 Edit

First Ever Penguins' Fan Fest a Big Success (NHL, 10 Oct 2016)

Halloween Edit

2016 Edit

The Inside Scoop: Hockey Halloween (Penguins, 24 Oct 2016)

  • Info on what the players dressed as for halloween. Includes tidbits about costume preparation.

Pens and Pins Edit

2016 Edit

Players Happy to Partake in "Pens & Pins" (Penguins, 26 Feb 2016)

Project Bundle Up Edit

2016 Edit

Pens, Kids Have a Blast at Project Bundle-Up (Penguins, 7 Nov 2016)

  • Feature on the Pens' annual Project Bundle-Up. Includes players helping kids avoid the cameras, Kris Letang having his suggestions shot down, and a six-year-old playing hide and seek with Sidney Crosby just because.

Photos: Pittsburgh Penguins shop with kids for Project Bundle-Up (WTAE, 7 Nov 2016)

  • Photos taken by WTAE, when the Pens and WTAE teamed up for Project Bundle-Up to held kids shop for warm winter outer gear at Dick's Sporting Goods in Cranberry.

Season Ticket Delivery Edit

2015 Edit

Penguins say special thank you to select fans at Consol Energy Center (TribLive, 14 Sep 2015)

Pens Players Give Lucky Season Ticket Holders A Tour to Remember (Penguins, 14 Sep 2015)

  • Ticket delivery at Consol. Fleury greeted guests, Letang was the receptionist, Kessel operated the elevator, and Crosby waited in the locker room.


  • Pictures from the 2015 ticket delivery at Consol.

In Pittsburgh Edit

Pens "Drop-In" at Local Businesses (Penguins, 16 Sep 2015)

  • Patric Hornqvist, Ian Cole, Olli Maatta and Derrick Pouliot drop in on a local Dick's and Dunkin Donuts to meet fans, give away game tickets, as well as autographed hats and pucks.

Penguins Staff and Crew Edit

Jim Rutherford Edit

Pens GM's legacy largely will be shaped by moves in coming weeks (TribLive, 13 June 2015)

The Box (The Players' Tribune, 3 Oct 2016)

Mike Sullivan Edit

How to Win A STANLEY CUP (Bostonia, Winter-Spring 2017)

  • Article details Coach Sully's career over the years

Sergei Gonchar Edit

Ex-Pen Gonchar unsure where future will take him (TribLive, 27 Jan 2013)

  • Great info on Gonch's contribution to the Pens as a veteran player and team leader, and how the Gonchars helped to "create a family atmosphere that is now an organizational hallmark".

Sergei Gonchar's focus on 'little things' aids Penguins' defense (Puck Daddy, 10 Jun 2016)

  • Article focuses on Gonch's work with the Pens defensemen as “Defensemen Development Coach” 

Dana Heinze Edit

Penguins equipment manager attends to multitude of details (TribLive, 18 Oct 2014)

Penguins Olympians well-equipped for Sochi (TribLive, 6 Feb 2014)

Chris Stewart Edit

Pens trainer Stewart hopes to avoid spotlight(The Tribune-Democrat, 5 Jun 2016)

  • Article on the work of head athletic trainer Chris Stewart and head equipment manager Dana Heinze behind the scenes

Michelle Crechiolo Edit

The Inside Scoop: MC's Perspective (Penguins, 13 June 2016)

  • Michelle Crechiolo's perspective on working as an in-house journalist for the Penguins.

Jennifer Bullano Edit

Penguins' Jennifer Bullano a Commanding Presence (ESPN, 27 March 2013)

  • A special on Jennifer Bullano and her roll as the only woman in the NHL as a Director.

Former Players Edit

Pascal Dupuis Edit

Penguins' Dupuis earns teammates' respect with consistent play (Trib Live, 18 May 2013)

In My Blood (Players' Tribune, 27 February 2015)

Why I’m Coming Back (Players' Tribune, 10 August 2015)

Why We Play the Game (Players' Tribune, 30 May 2016)

Marc-André Fleury Edit

Thank you, Pittsburgh (Players' Tribune, 26 June 2017)

  • A thank you letter to Pittsburgh and his teammates.

Bobby Farnham Edit

The Ivy Leaguer Who Fought His Way to the NHL: The Fighter (USA Today/ For The Win, 15 January 2015)

Paul Martin Edit

Thank You, Pittsburgh (Players' Tribune, 2 July 2015)

Brooks Orpik Edit

The Legend of Cardboard Orpik (Penguins, 28 Oct 2011)

  • The background of the Penguins using a cardboard version (it's actually made of metal) of Brooks Orpik as a defensive standin in practices. With images.

Jeff Zatkoff Edit

Zatkoff: Penguins have good practice after long trip (NHL, 9 June 2016)

  • Zatkoff's 2016 playoff blog. Claims the secret to Sidney Crosby's success is dessert.

Former Management Edit

Dan Bylsma Edit

Kids Club Q&A with Coach Bylsma (Penguins, 11 March 2013)

Ray Shero Edit

Re-signing Malkin, Letang is Penguins' top priority (TribLive, 13 Jan 2013)

  • Feature on Shero's plans to re-sign Malkin and Letang, a little about his history as GM. With quotes from Geno and Letang re why they want to stay in Pittsburgh (because of Sid).

Game Days Edit

What is seen on ice at Consol is only half the story for Penguins (Trib Live, 11 March 2015)

  • What home game days are like for players. Routines; how players prepare, and what their schedule is like in terms of food, morning skate, and sleep.

Fan Features Edit

Local fans Edit

Five Questions for...Michelle, The Knitting Lady (Pittsburgh Magazine, 16 April 2010)

  • The Pens Knitting Lady, aka why you sometimes see Penguins players holding up hand-made socks.

Miscellaneous Edit

Pens ranked 1st in the NHL in Time's Fandom 250 List (NHL, 7 Dec 2016)

  • The Penguins ranked No. 1 in the NHL and No. 18 among professional sports franchises worldwide in Time's inaugural "Fandom" 250 list.

'This was my dream': Talking goal songs, fandom and destiny with Andrew W.K. (Sporting News, 10 Feb 2016)

  • Andrew WK on making Party Hard the Penguins goal song

Pens' St. Patrick's Day Jerseys Feature Gaelic Translations of Player Names (Pittsburgh Penguins, 14 March 2015)

  • Article on Penguins' 2015 St. Patrick’s Day warmup jerseys which had their names written in Gaelic calligraphy - "Mighty in battle...That’s what Evgeni Malkin’s last name means when translated into the traditional Irish Gaelic language".

Mario Lemieux Edit

Retirement Edit

Lemieux Announces Retirement (ESPN, 25 January 2006)

Lemieux Says Goodbye for Final Time (USA Today, 25 January 2006)

Post-retirement Edit

Pittsburgher of the Year: Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Magazine, 20 Dec 2012)

Rediscovered Lafleur-Lemieux Photo (Montreal Gazette, 18 March 2015)

  • Young Mario Lemieux shown celebrating Lafleur's 1000th point
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